Suppin' Good
I'm either cooking, eating or looking forward to being hungry. My travels across the States and around the world include epic meals showcasing the particular region's culinary treasures. Suppin' good is the love and quality that permeates a dish whether it's served on a paper plate at a Texas gas station or the finest Villeroy & Boch in Paris. So forget the trends, go with your gut and keep suppin' good.
  1. Rewarded my discipline with a fine display of meat and bread, now on to the juice fast.

    30 days of starving my body to strengthen my mind, my next move was to, how shall I say this tastefully, um IMPREGNATE myself with live enzymes and micronutrients. pure. sun. energy.


    • 10 days of fresh squeezed juice*

                                                              *minimum 1L of juice per day

    • Feel healthy

    To be a champion, you gotta juice like a champion.  That’s why with my Champion Juicer, I get the winner’s edge with every sip! -Alyssa Noui, 2020 Gold Medal Cakewalker.

    Kale, Parsley, Ginger, Lemon, Beets, Apple, Celery, Romaine, Grapes.  Do you know what these vegetable look like?  Ok, Google them and then go get a bag of each at the store. 

    Wipe off your kitchen table and spread the produce across.  Group your desired combinations of produce

    • 1 apple
    • 3 leaves of kale
    • 1-inch diameter bunch of parsley
    • 1/2 large beet
    • 2 celery stalk
    • 1-2 inch piece of ginger
    • 2 handfuls of grapes
    • 1 persian cucumber
    • 1/2 melon

    Evenly distribute into ziplock bags (You will want to do this with 1 trip every 3-5 days during the fast to ensure vitality in produce) 4-5 bags should equal 1 day. I wash my veg right before juicing, you may do this before preparing the ziplock to save time if you are busy.  I’m not quite convinced one way or the other about washing produce stripping it of nutrients, but I personally prefer to wash directly before. 

    Ideally, you would juice 16oz. right before you drink it.  I know that people with jobs may find this difficult.  I have the luxury of The Bevery Hills Juice Club, where my buddy Hal and others press the most amazing combinations of Mother Earth’s Bounty.  Apple Lemon Verbena Coconut, Watermelon Rind, Tomato Tonic: a fiery mouthful of searing hot roots, bulbs and ancient spices.  It would run you about $25 a day to get 4-5 pints of juice for you day.  If you are juicing at home may I suggest purchasing a liter glass bottle from The Container Store and storing juice in a refrigerator if possible.  If not, maybe start a collective juice fast at you place of work and everyone can pitch in on a juicer to keep there?

    Alas, I was not perfect.  There were times I just HAD to chew on something.  A simple salad of a Hot Spring Egg (slow-steamed egg made in the rice cooker,) green lettuce and fresh herbs topped with microgreens, splashed with olive oil, soy sauce, plum vinegar and grains of paradise.  Protein and greens at its best.

    I nanny a 3 year old and one day for his snack we made almond milk.  We blended almonds and water and I showed him how to strain the pulp and keep the liquid in a pretty bottle.  Later added vanilla and honey for flavor.  Looking at the pulp I suddenly realized this is a nutritious dough to manipulate.  I threw it into a bowl and proceeded to add honey, pecan butter, cinnamon, tumeric and chia seeds.  I toasted some coconut flakes and rolled the nutty mush into it with my little friend.  They were absolutely fantastic.  Every school child should have these yumyumballs.  Me and little Louis snacked pretty hard that day.  Marzipan-like texture with the right amount of grit and tropical coconut heightens the experience with its seductive perfume.  Massive protein and anti-inflammatory benefits, great with fresh berries.  Could be a spread for toast, pancakes, wha-eva.  Anyway, needless to say I was proud of myself.  Especially because I did choose to “cheat” my fast, I still did it with micronutrients.  I feel lighter, brighter, tighter and more in connection with the Earth and my body.  I feel like I am absorbing and assimilating at a degree I haven’t felt in quite some time.

    The Beverly Hills Juice Club   8382 Beverly Boulevard
    Los Angeles, CA 90048
    (323) 655-8300

    Open Weekdays 7am-6pm; Sat 10am-6pm

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